Your baby will be the hippest, en vogue, globe-trotting tot
on the playground with Bonjour Bambino clothing!
About Us

Bonjour Bambino, "Hello Baby" headquartered in Chicago, IL welcomes babies into the world with its whimsical baby onesie designs in multiple languages.  Launched in 2007, the onesies have witty phrases in Spanish, French & Italian, such as Tengo Hambre, "I am Hungry" and Mon Petit Chou, "My Little Cabbage" that dress up your baby's wardrobe.  Bonjour Bambino fulfills a mother's desire to bring cultural influence to their children's lives.

Building on my passion for babies, languages and travel, I created Bonjour Bambino to fulfill a desire to bring multiculturalism to mothers and babies everywhere.  I saw a need to have a collection of apparel for infants with different language phrases that complement the growing number of bi-lingual homes and a family's appreciation for travel and culture.  By exposing mothers and infants to other cultures and languages, Bonjour Bambino will add uniquely stylish and educational elements to a child's learning experience.

Your baby will be the hippest, en vogue, globe-trotting tot with Bonjour Bambino apparel. 

Mary Powaga-Anderson